Be there before!

For collectors from the world over The Art Escape® is a great opportunity to travel, share and enjoy art in an unique unprecedented manner.

Collectors are at the core of art production, so, this is an encounter created to make that reality more obvious. Collectors are creative on their choices, on the way they can guide an artist or a gallery with their support and increasingly with their knowledge.

India has an ancient tradition of collecting, from Mughal Empire to Dravidians most rulers has been patrons for art and the pushers for culture to flourish. The country where economical exchanges were invented is an ideal set up to separate ourselves from the rush of the cities, the presure of big art fairs and to take a short time to observe, interact, and react to artists and gallerist proposals.

Encounter other collectors with whom perhaps you share much more than just that passion. The world is getting smaller by the day and you´ll be surprise by the afinities, the matches and the personal experiences that you can have.

You don´t participate as a buyer, you participate as a creator, as a soul with deep sensitivity and curiosity to explore new models of creation, of encounter and of living.

Art, wellness, gourmet experience together in a trip designed to discover every single minute. Get ready!

Dine overlooking the Amber Fort


Prepare your lugage!

Please contact us thorugh email, we will be delighted to call you to have a personal conversation, we don´t want to waste your time filling a form

On this conversation we will give you all details about recomendations for a safe travel, our expectation for this summit and we will exchange views with you on the best way how you want to be treated.

We want to keep this event small and sustainable in order to create a network of people that through art can communicate about endless subjects. A summit where we expect to exchange ideas, likes and dislikes and from where we can start to construct a different aproach to creation.

We invite you to start this journey with us.

There are only 20 available places.


Beleive it!

Collector Only Participation Fee - 900 Euros.

  • 3 nights stay at a luxury resort on twin share bases
  • Breakfast
  • first option for comissioned artworks
  • Access to artist studios in India
  • collectors meeting room
  • Wellness treatment*
  • airport transfers
  • Gala dinner
  • Personal attention in all tours and visits